Wishlist: making the search more useful while debugging in anger #547

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Consider you are looking at a problem, say http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/5541ece2-80e5-11e1-a9f1-a8f3163997d5. It would be awesome if searching for the string q|Catalyst.pm line 1686| (which is simply a copy/paste from the error above) would send me directly to: https://metacpan.org/source/BOBTFISH/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90011/lib/Catalyst.pm#L1686

This would imply that the search code will need to fork on detection of qr/^ $module_pathspec line \d+ $/x, cleanup $module_pathspec (possibly trimming off .*/lib/), converting the remainder of the path to a module name, finding the currently indexed distribution/module, and generating a link.

Is this desirable/doable?

Getty commented Apr 23, 2012

Yeah, i like that :-)

sailfree commented Oct 5, 2012


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