feature request - display dist Support Level status (e.g. "abandoned") #653

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21:54 < ether> so I was reading the review of module dependency modules - 
               http://neilb.org/reviews/dependencies.html - and I read "...This 
               module is no longer supported: its CPAN support status is 
               'abandoned'. So don't use it. " - and I thought "that's probably 
               a flag set on the dist in PAUSE. It would be cool if 
               metacpan.org indicated that status directly, so I'd know it was 
21:54 < dipsy> [ CPAN modules for getting module dependency information ] 
21:54 < ether> so here I am, dipping a toe in the milky pool of opinion
22:05 < rwstauner> ether: interesting, i hadn't heard of that status
22:05 < rwstauner> feel free to open a gh issue for it :-)
22:58 < grantm> I'm not sure it's an official status - possibly just something 
                that NeilB inferred from the "See Also" section in the POD
23:07 < omega> I guess one could add something to META at least
23:16 < grantm> I stand corrected - you can set a "Support level" status of 
                "abandoned" via PAUSE and this is reflected in the DSLIP data 
                in 03modlist.data.gz
23:16 < grantm> definitely sounds like something metacpan should make visible
23:24 < omega> yeah, with a cool ribbon or something, to encourage people to 
               set the flag :P
23:51 < grantm> omega: I dunno about a ribbon, how about an icon of a puppy 
                with big sad eyes? :-)
omega commented Aug 21, 2013

I did some "research" on this today, and discovered two things that I'll note for the future 📦

  1. Module::MakefilePL::Parse is an example marked as abandoned
  2. it can only be done for "registered modules", ie, where the namespace is officially registered.
@ranguard ranguard closed this Dec 21, 2013
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