[RFC] Add a Uservoice widget to the website, setup to be an interactive FAQ #761

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wchristian commented Jan 31, 2013

This is a wild idea and i'd like to hear thoughts on this:

Often newbies come to this site and are confused by it, as there is a lot to take in. Now, optimally they'd be able to click on FAQ and get some help and/or guidance. However that page doesn't really help newbies. It is targeted at the experienced CPAN developer transitioning in from SCO. And well, i can totally understand this. Writing an FAQ is hard because you either have to watch a lot of newbies ask things for a long time, or you have to anticipate questions VERY well.

A possible solution for this could be Uservoice. It is a website that gives you ajax widgets you can embed on your site. It is normally meant to provide a suggestion/bug-report interface. However there is a lot of freedom in styling it and setting up how the UI parts are presented. I am fairly sure that it would be possible to set it up in a manner that it can act as an FAQ, and that it would be extremely useful for one specific reason:

To give a tangible example:

  • visit http://cat.eatsmou.se
  • click on "Show me the mice!" in the top right corner
  • in the field that says "What do you volunteer me for?" enter "opengl"
  • note how the items on the left side will update

This software does not only provide a platform for submission and discussion of things, but similar to stackoverflow, also makes it easy for people submitting things to find other submissions that are duplicates of their own. And all this without even leaving the site.

I'm thinking that adding this thing to metacpan could be of considerable help to everyone involved in guiding new users and finding out issues that do not fit into a typical "this is broken, fix this bug" scheme.

What do you guys think?


dolmen commented Jan 31, 2013

What is the business model of UserVoice?


wchristian commented Jan 31, 2013

They provide complete support solutions as premium services: http://www.uservoice.com/plans/


ranguard commented Jan 31, 2013

Haven't had a chance to look, can all the data be exported? - e.g. if after a while we decided to use someone else or host the FAQ (based on the uservoice info) is that possible?


wchristian commented Jan 31, 2013

They have a REST API, so i think doing that should be fairly trivial.


ranguard commented Dec 21, 2013

No action so far - closing for now

@ranguard ranguard closed this Dec 21, 2013

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