Add the "diff" of the Changes file in each RSS item, in the per-module feeds #790

akarelas opened this Issue Mar 10, 2013 · 7 comments


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Right now each RSS item is empty. A diff of the Changes file could be something nice to fill it up with.

You could use a diff-related perl module, and HTML-color the lines in the body red or green (for - or +).

I once had this feature in a website of mine ( tracking all of the CPAN modules and it worked well.


doherty commented Mar 11, 2013

Instead of a diff, you could potentially extract the section for the current release. I believe Parse::CPAN::Changes can do that for conforming changelogs.

There is no Parse::CPAN::Changes module... (at least it doesn't show up in


doherty commented Mar 11, 2013

Sorry, it is just CPAN::Changes.

The question pop ups: What percentage of existing modules have conforming changelogs?

As we can see, most fail.


ranguard commented Dec 20, 2013

No action taken in a long while, Closing as part of the great issue cull of Dec 2013

ranguard closed this Dec 20, 2013

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