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ghost commented Mar 12, 2013

Tracking and displaying traffic to module pages could be an indication of popularity or interest.

It would allow showing "hot" modules over various time periods. ("Hot this week" vs "Hot this year.)

I think this could help with the discoverability problem.


oalders commented Mar 12, 2013

This is something I know we want to do in some form. We had talked about doing something as basic as parsing the nginx logs. Don't know if we could even just use the Google Analytics API for some useful stats? Even getting some traffic indicators into ES would be helpful as well. Tracking clicks on download links etc.

lorn commented Mar 12, 2013

If we create a 'gateway' to count this? I mean:

curl increase the download counter and 302 to

( or even the increase the download counter and 302 to the real url )

And we can use same principle in the metacpan API

Does anyone know how many downloads we have through metacpan api/site ?

👍 This topic :)


monken commented Mar 12, 2013

Google Analytics tells us that is the most popular module. Go figure ;)

I remember that we thought about releasing the HTTP logs to the public. Not sure where that discussion went.

ranguard closed this Dec 23, 2013

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