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When searching on MetaCPAN, the summary you get for each thing found contains a lot of information, but I wonder if it might help users if the module / dist link was made a bit clearer?

Here's a mockup of one quick idea:

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11 01 19

This text would perhaps only be shown if the dist contains more than one module.

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that seems pretty redundant to me. Most modules have a much longer abstract which would cause the first line to wrap if we added that distribution info there. The last line shows author and distribution, is that not clear enough?


Sorry, should have been clearer: I was suggesting this precisely because I think the current format isn't obvious for new / casual users.

I personally like the compact bottom line, but the information density will make it hard for newbies to parse.

In particular I was trying to establish "module X which is part of distribution Y", because I've read a number of comments from people saying that it took them a long time to grok the difference between module and dist.

I'm going off on a tangent slightly here, but I think that by default MetaCPAN's UI should be trained for the newbie, with power users able to configure more dense / complicated displays, if they want it.

In this case, MetaCPAN could have two different output formats: one could be simpler and clearer, and the other could be denser, with more info content.

Could change "part of the" to "in" to shorten it, drop the Mojolicious from the bottom line, and move the [++] bit down to the bottom line, next to the stars, perhaps?

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You might want to read some comments from dagolden and mst in this topic: metacpan/metacpan-api#253 (comment)
Users shouldn't worry about dists because they are not unique and shouldn't be relied on.

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stalled - closing

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