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I'm an egotist sometimes, but I wish I could find out which of my dists had been ++'d be people.

If there was an API for this, it could even be hooked into a kwalitee rating!

tobyink commented Jul 7, 2013

The API does already support it... /favorite/_search?q=author:ETHER&size=1000

However, it doesn't (in any meaningful way) tell you who ++'d your releases. Also, if a distribution has had releases by several different CPAN authors, then the ++s will be scattered around the place, some attached to each author.

oalders commented Jul 8, 2013

FWIW the logic to implement this is here: https://github.com/CPAN-API/metacpan-examples/blob/master/scripts/endpoints/favorite/6-list-plussers-by-module.pl If someone beats me to incorporating it into metacpan-web I have no problem with that. :)

@ranguard ranguard closed this Dec 21, 2013
oiami commented Jun 10, 2014

is it satisfied by this feature ?
screenshot 2014-06-10 22 14 22

oalders commented Jun 10, 2014

Yes, or it will be once @Talina06 merges her current work.

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