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Hi all,

my user page - https://metacpan.org/author/SHLOMIF - is missing 7 distributions including "Bundle-Zavitan" that appear fine by querying the CPANPLUS API (see http://svn1.hostlocal.com/perl.org.il/site/new_site_sources/generate-cpan-distros-list.pl ) or apparently here as well - http://search.cpan.org/~shlomif/ . I cannot find Bundle-Zavitan using a search either - https://metacpan.org/search?q=zavitan . I was asked to report it here.

I noticed this problem after I uploaded a new distribution to CPAN and my distributions' count decreased, as well as finding that I have 103 distribution instead of 96 by counting the lines of the results of generate-cpan-distros-list.pl .

Please look into this problem.


-- Shlomi Fish


Hi all,

Any comments?

Happy holidays.

-- @shlomif

MetaCPAN member

I reindexed the dist manually and it appears to recognize the module,
but when I look at the json documents in the api the "module" is missing from the file.

I wonder if this is because of the syntax error in Zavitan.pm.
I'm guessing metacpan's indexer doesn't catch the package Zavitan line because there's no semicolon...
Then, since it doesn't have any modules, it gets marked as cpan instead of latest,
and the author page only shows dists marked as latest.

So, that being said, @shlomif how do you feel about fixing the module? :-)

*$ head Zavitan.pm 
package Bundle::Zavitan

$VERSION = '0.2.0';



=head1 NAME

$ perl -c Zavitan.pm 
Invalid version format (non-numeric data) at Zavitan.pm line 3, near "package Bundle::Zavitan

syntax error at Zavitan.pm line 3, near "package Bundle::Zavitan

Zavitan.pm had compilation errors.
MetaCPAN member

Looking at again it appears that main is the recognized package, and metacpan ignores that.

My suggestion remains that fixing the module to be syntactically correct should solve the problem.

*$ cat Zavitan.pm | perl -l -MModule::Metadata -e 'print Module::Metadata->new_from_handle(\*STDIN, "Zavitan.pm")->packages_inside'

*$ cat Zavitan.pm | perl -pe 's/(package .+)/$1;/' | perl -l -MModule::Metadata -e 'print Module::Metadata->new_from_handle(\*STDIN, "Zavitan.pm")->packages_inside'
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