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How to setup local development environment

You need to complete several steps below to get yourself ready to develop PrePAN;

  1. Cloning this repository
  2. Bootstrapping
  3. OAuth setup

Clone this repository

$ git clone git://
$ cd prepan

Bootstrapping with script/

Run script/ at the PrePAN root directory to bootstrap your environment.

$ script/

This command does following things:

  • Installs Carton to manage moudle dependency, if it's not installed
  • Installs preerequisite modules using carton command
  • Sets up databases for development and test
  • Generates a configuration file from local/ to local/

OAuth setup

PrePAN uses Twitter and GitHub to authenticate users. You have to, at first, create a new Twitter application.

Create a new Twitter Application

You can create a new Twitter application on

  1. Press "Create a new application" button
  2. Input some information for your application, for example:
  1. Press "Create your Twitter application" button

Next, you need to change settings for the app:

  1. Press "Settings" tab
  2. Change "Application Type" to:
  • Access: Read and Write
  • Check the box about "Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter"
  1. Save settings

Then, you can use this application to develop PrePAN.

Add OAuth config into config/

After create a twitter application, you need to add an OAuth config into config/

Open config/ and add a consumer key and a consumer secret for your application.


    Auth => {
        Twitter => {
            consumer_key       => 'abcdefghijk',          # your twitter consumer key
            consumer_secret    => 'consumersecrettttt',   # your twitter consumer secret
            callback_fail_path => '/auth/twitter/failed',

How to start local server

Execute the command below at PrePAN root directory:

$ carton exec -- plackup

You can access http://localhost:5000/. Enjoy Hacking!!

Local test setting

Run below command if you want to run tests.

$ carton exec -- prove -v t/**/*.t

Update dependency

Edit cpanfile and run following commands if you want to update dependency:

$ carton install
$ git add cpanfile cpanfile.snapshot
$ git commit


You can ask @prepanorg or @shiba_yu36 if you have a question.