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Chef Cookbooks for PrePAN


Ruby Libraries

You have to install the gem libraries listed below:

  • knife-solo
  • librarian
  • ec2ssh

the gem libraries except ec2ssh are managed by bundler. So You can install these libraries by following commands.

$ gem install ec2ssh
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle


Set profiles and regions in a file named '~/.ec2ssh` as below.

profiles 'default', 'prepan'
regions *%w(us-west-1)

And set credentials for prepan in ~/.aws/credentials.

aws_access_key_id = your access key
aws_secret_access_key = your secret access key

Then setup your $HOME/.ssh/config:

$ ec2ssh init --path ~/.ssh/config
$ ec2ssh update


You need to install Vagrant by the installer. You can get it from . See also for details.

Add the config gotten by vagrant ssh-config to your ~/.ssh/config to enable SSH login:

vagrant ssh-config --host >> ~/.ssh/config

Then add the line below into your /etc/hosts:

Chef cookbooks

Init knife solo.

$ bundle exec knife solo init .

Download dependent Chef cookbooks with berkshelf:

$ bundle exec berks install

Provision Vagrant

Launch Vagrant at first:

$ vagrant up

This take a long while at the first time.

Then provision it:

$ bundle exec knife solo prepare
$ bundle exec knife solo cook

Provision Hosts on Production (EC2)

Prepare remote host:

$ bundle exec knife solo prepare -i ~/.ssh/prepan.pem

Edit node/${hostname}.json if it's not thre.

Then provision it:

$ bundle exec knife solo cook -i ~/.ssh/prepan.pem

From the 2nd time, you have to use deployer user for login user:

$ bundle exec knife solo cook -i ~/.ssh/prepan.pem