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metacran — Tooling around CRAN R packages

metacran is a collection of projects to allow better tooling around CRAN R packages. It contains a number of projects. The following ones are stably working and can be considered beta software:

  • Web site to browse and search CRAN packages.
  • CRAN @ github, read-only mirror of CRAN at github.
  • crandb, a database of CRAN R packages, with an HTTP API, and an R package to access it from R.
  • CRAN package search, based on crandb. This is now included in the Metacran web site at
  • seer, R package to search for CRAN packages.
  • r-builder Scripts to use Travis or another CI to build and check R packages with various R versions, including R-devel.
  • cranlogs A database and R package for daily R package download counts from the RStudio CRAN mirror.
  • rversions An R package to query R versions and their release dates from the R project SVN repository.

metacran also contains some experimental packages and tools:

  • spareserver R package to fallback to another web server if the main one is not responding.
  • cranny packer templates to build the metacran servers.


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