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Active Ceptr Do-ops

Example (default= transform input to output) important URLs and documents specifies how humans cross in and out of the membrane as participants
Cartographers To make sense of the do-ops and their I/O, at various scales, and produce visualizations that are useful for holopticism.
Ceptr Biz Build the business structures, management, and accountability for launching Ceptr & STC Invitation by member of Biz team. If you have interest in taking on weekly accountabilities in this domain, please contact Coherence Holder.
Crypto Webinar Series Plan, record, and launch webinar series for crypto-currency design
Hol-op holoptocism across do-ops for coordination
Onboarding To create an updated list of do-ops Contact Ronen, Tim, or Anders central DynaList, #do-op_onboarding on
Social Media Lighthouse Pulse Ask and you will be granted keys to the Queendom. Willigness to do some SM Action
Software development Build code artifacts that implement the ceptr vision schedule pair-coding time with Eric to get off the ground, work on tickets from the waffle(s) and submit pull requests
Wealth Stewardship Ask Ferananda or post in the #do-op_wealthstewards Slack channel
Writing, Publishing, Sharing Write deeper idea stuff, white papers, blog posts, web site, maybe other media (video/audio/podcast)

Archived do-ops

Feel free to reboot or merge these inactive/archived do-ops back into an active do-op.

  • Ally Certification
  • Applications Ecosystem - Interface with people wanting to build their projects on top of Ceptr
  • Dev Documentation - Provide clarity for developers about where Ceptr is going and documentation for how to contribute to building it - On hiatus until October 2017.
  • Newcomer Potluck - Quarterly online Social Gathering to get to know members new and old, play together and keep it "human".
  • Philosophy Club - 1) Satisfy members desire to explore the fields of philosophical inquiry. 2) Generate written thought pieces 3) Create an opportunity for newcomers to get their feet wet, gain understanding and build relationships with Metacurrency members. (Zoom Room). Please download and install Zoom before the session. Each meeting is a discussion anchored by a particular thought piece. Propose a written work as the Topic for an upcoming discussion by sharing it in the Philosophy Do-op Channel. A week prior to the meeting, the convener will select a topic piece for call participants to read and discuss. Please read the topic piece prior to joining the call.

This page is being curated by Anders Aamodt as part of the onboarding do-op.

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