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How to call the REST API from a Facebook app on Heroku
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Facebook/ sample app -- Ruby

This is a sample Facebook app showing use of the REST API, written in Ruby, designed for deployment to Heroku.

This app was shown at my Cloudstock 2012 session 'Create a Facebook App on Heroku'. Presentation slides.

Run locally

Install dependencies:

bundle install

Create an app on Facebook and set the Website URL to http://localhost:5000/.

Copy the App ID and Secret from the Facebook app settings page into your .env:

echo FACEBOOK_APP_ID=12345 >> .env
echo FACEBOOK_SECRET=abcde >> .env

Create a remote access app in your org on and set the Website URL to http://localhost:5000/.

Copy the Consumer Key and Secret, and the username and password of an API user, from the remote app settings page into your .env:

    echo CLIENT_ID=67890 >> .env
    echo CLIENT_SECRET=fghij >> .env
    echo >> .env
    echo PASSWORD=******** >> .env

Launch the app with Foreman:

foreman start

Deploy to Heroku

If you prefer to deploy yourself, push this code to a new Heroku app on the Cedar stack, then copy the IDs, secrets and credentials into your config vars:

heroku create --stack cedar
git push heroku master
heroku config:add FACEBOOK_APP_ID=12345 FACEBOOK_SECRET=abcde \
    CLIENT_ID=67890 CLIENT_SECRET=fghij \

Enter the URL for your Heroku app into the Website URL section of the Facebook app settings page, then you can visit your app on the web.

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