Displaying Visualforce Pages on the Google Chromecast device
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Load Visualforce Pages on Google Chromecast

Try it out!

Go to https://vf-chromecast.herokuapp.com/ and follow the instructions to cast a Visualforce Page to Google Chromecast!


receiver.page and chromehellotext.page (in src/pages) are simply the [https://github.com/googlecast](Google Cast Sample) CastHelloText-chrome pages ported to Visualforce. They need to be exposed via a Force.com Site. You should register a new app in the Google Cast SDK Developer Console with the appropriate Site URL for receiver.page, and paste the application ID into chromehellotext.page.


castdemoreceiver.page and vf-chromecast comprise a more elaborate demo. vf-chromecast allows you to login and select a Visualforce page to cast to the device. castdemoreceiver.page loads the Visualforce page into an iframe, and remains active, waiting for further commands and periodically refreshing the page.

Read More

A series of three blog posts I wrote on this project: