Metadata schema for Geospatial User Feedback (GUF) schema
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Geospatial User Feedback schema plugin

This is the Geospatial User Feedback (GUF) schema plugin for GeoNetwork 3.2.x or greater version.

Reference documents:


Schema can be used to describe structure of user feedback items on catalogue items.

This plugin is composed of:

  • indexing
  • editing (Angular editor only)
  • editor associated resources
  • directory support for contact, logo and format.
  • viewing
  • CSW
  • from/to DUV conversion
  • multilingual metadata support
  • validation (XSD and Schematron)

Metadata rules:

Metadata identifier

The metadata identifier is stored in the element guf:GUF_FeedbackItem/guf:itemIdentifier. Only the code is set by default but more complete description may be defined (see authority, codeSpace, version, description).


Target metadata

The target metadata record is referenced using the following form from the editor:

  <guf:resourceRef xlink:href="">

Nevertheless, the citation code is also indexed.


## CSW requests:

To retrieve the record in GUF10, use output schema.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<csw:GetRecordById xmlns:csw=""

Note: outputSchema = own will also return the record in GUF10.

Installing the plugin

### GeoNetwork version to use with this plugin

It'll not be supported in 2.10.x series so don't plug it into it! Use GeoNetwork 3.2.x+ version.

Adding the plugin to the source code

The best approach is to add the plugin as a submodule into GeoNetwork schema module. Note that this schema depends on iso19115-3.

cd schemas
git submodule add iso19115-3
git submodule add guf10

Add the new modules to the schema/pom.xml:


Add the dependencies in the web module in web/pom.xml:


Add the module to the webapp in web/pom.xml:


Build the application.

Adding editor configuration

Once the application started, check the plugin is loaded in the admin > standard page. Then in admin > Settings, add to metadata/editor/schemaConfig the editor configuration for the schema:


Adding the conversion to the import record page

Potential further development


  • html formatter should include annotations
  • rdf formatter should include DUV annotations
  • GeoNetwork UI should be able to manage GFU metadata with dedicated feedback widgets

Documentation / Translation


Comments and questions to geonetwork-developers or geonetwork-users mailing lists.


  • Paul van Genuchten (GeoCat)
  • Jose Garcia (GeoCat)


This project is licensed under EUPL 1.2 license Project has recieved funding from EU as part of ELISE action