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#lang racket
(require racket/file)
(define filedata (file->string "c:\\src\\foo.txt"))
(struct lexer (data pos line col))
(struct token (type data line col))
(define (makelx input)
(lexer (string->list input) 0 0 0))
(define (peeknext lx)
(if (not (empty? (lexer-data lx)))
(car (lexer-data lx))
(define (lexconsume l) (struct-copy lexer l [data (cdr (lexer-data l))]))
; test stuff
(define p (makelx "fooBar"))
(define p1 (struct-copy lexer p [data (cdr (lexer-data p))]))
(define samplelx (makelx filedata))
;; character matchers
(define matchrange
(lambda (startchar finishchar)
(lambda (c)
(if (and (char<=? startchar c)
(char>=? finishchar c))
(define match-lowercase-letter (matchrange #\a #\z))
(define match-uppercase-letter (matchrange #\A #\Z))
(define (match-letter c)
(or (match-uppercase-letter c) (match-lowercase-letter c)))
(define match-number (matchrange #\0 #\9))
(define (match-or a b)
(lambda (c)
(or (a c) (b c))))
;(define (matchoneof matchers)
; (lambda (c)
;; each matcher should return a tuple that contains matched length and the possibly new lexer
; need to return a lambda here
(define oneof
(lambda (c matchers)
(if (null? matchers)
(if (equal? ((car matchers) c) #t)
(oneof c (cdr matchers))))))
;(define noneof
; (lambda (matchers)
; (lambda (c)
; (if (null? matchers)
; #t
; (if (equal? ((car matchers) c) #f)
; (noneof c (cdr matchers))
; #t
; )))))
;(define (takewhile lx matcher)
; (define takewhile2
; (lambda (lx matcher len)
; (if (matcher (car (lexer-data lx)))
; (takewhile2 (struct-copy lexer lx [data (cdr (lexer-data lx))]) matcher (+ 1 len))
; (print len)
; )))
; (takewhile2 lx matcher 0)
; )
(define (one-or-more lx matcher tokentype)
(define (one-or-more0 lx matcher len)
[(empty? (peeknext lx)) len]
[(matcher (peeknext lx)) (one-or-more0 (lexconsume lx) matcher (+ 1 len))]
[else len]))
(let ([matchlength (one-or-more0 lx matcher 0)])
(if (> matchlength 0)
(token tokentype (list->string (take (lexer-data lx) matchlength)) 0 0)
(define zero-or-more 1)
(define zero-or-one 1)
(define match-exactly 1)
(define lex
(lambda (lx)
(let* ([pos (lexer-pos lx)]
[data (lexer-data lx)]
[c (string-ref (lexer-data lx) pos)])
(print c)
(if (< pos (- (string-length data) 1))
(lex (struct-copy lexer lx [pos (+ pos 1)]))
(display "Done")))))
(define lex2
(lambda (lx)
(let* ([c (car (lexer-data lx))]
[data (lexer-data lx)])
(print c)
(if (not (empty? (cdr data)))
(lex2 (struct-copy lexer lx [data (cdr data)]))
(display "Done")))))
(define fail (vector 'fail)) ; fail is not eq? to anything else
(define (unit x) x)
(define (bind m f)
(if (eq? m fail)
(f m)))
(define foo (lambda (x) (+ x 1)))
(define bar (lambda (x) (+ x 2)))
(define baz (lambda (x) (+ x 4)))
(define (compose* f x)
(if (eq? x #f)
(f x)))
(define (foo-bar-baz x) (compose* baz (compose* bar (foo x))))