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This is the first release of the Metafacture 5 line. With Metafacture 5 the migration from a monolithic library to smaller domain-specific libraries is completed.

Important: This release is published with new Maven coordinates and uses a new package root. As Metafacture has been split-up into domain-specific libraries there is no longer a single Maven dependency. Instead there is one for each domain-specific library. The readme explains how to find the Maven coordinates of these dependencies. The root package has been changed from org.culturegraph.mf to org.metafacture.

Additionally, metafacture-runner has been merged back into the metafacture-core repository. This makes it easier to keep it up-to-date with new releases of metafacture-core.

Updating to Metafacture 5

  1. If you are still using metafacture-core 3.5.0 or older you should first update to metafacture-core 4.0.0. In this release many classes were relocated. By updating first to metafacture-core 4.0.0 you avoid having to handle the relocation and the split-up of the metafacture-core library at the same time.
  2. Search for org.culturegraph.mf in your project and replace it with org.metafacture. This should mostly affect import statements.
  3. Remove the Maven depedency on metafacture-core and follow the explanation in the readme to add the new domain-specific library dependencies.


Breaking changes

  • Split up the monolithic library into smaller domain-specific libraries and changed the Maven group id from org.culturegraph to org.metafacture. The readme explains how to find the Maven dependencies (see 2234874)
  • Changed package root from org.culturegraph.mf to org.metafacture (see 2234874)
  • Merge metafacture-runner (see 7d07e91)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed #267: XmlUtil.escape does not handle Unicode corretly for codepoints above U+10000 (see 95ff1ab)
  • Changed JsonEncoder to not prefix pretty-print with spaces (thanks @blackwinter, see de8e7b3)
  • Included metafacture-files in Metafacture Distribution (see a6dc848)

New Features

Build infrastructure

  • Migrated from Maven to Gradle (see 0f7a3b2)
  • Automated the release process. A release is now triggered by pushing an annotated tag to the Github repository. The release is automatically published on Maven Central and the distribution files are uploaded to Github (see 04276e4, b544371, 52ab09b)
  • Version numbers are generated from SCM information (see bc4a3d3)
  • Added Sonarqube analysis to the CI build process (see 8a1f500, 91a4448)
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