@desandro desandro released this Mar 16, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

New features

πŸ”” Added support for fullscreen option. #28
πŸ”” Added lazyLoad support for images with srcset. #172
πŸ”” Added draggable: '>1' option setting (now default) to disable dragging if only one slide. #278
πŸ”” Enabled staticClick event when not draggable. #51, #679
πŸ”” Added change event. Triggered when selected slide is changed. #701, #504, #649
πŸ”” Added ready event. Added on option to capture initial events. #493
πŸ”” Added support for hash option. #411
πŸ”” Added index argument to select & settle events.

Bug fixes

🐞 Fixed prepend with only one element breaks the currentIndex. #492
🐞 Fixed removing last cell breaks drag. #588
🐞 Fixed wrapAround snaps back when wrapping slides more than once. #589
🐞 Fixed lingering cell aria-selected after destroy()

Internal changes

πŸ›  Removed _cellAddedRemoved() method, and cellAddedRemoved event.
πŸ›  Added Flickity.keyHandlers for other options to add keyboard events.
πŸ›  Added focus() method, to focus element for fullscreen.