Calling .isotope() twice with different animationEngines and transforms settings results in both being applied #369

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I know this is a silly use case and was something that shouldn't have been happening in my code anyways, but I thought you might like to know about it regardless.

If you first call:


and then call:

    transformsEnabled: !$.browser.mozilla
    , animationEngine: ($.browser.mozilla ? 'jquery' : 'best-available')

(this is because of the following issues with FF:

both the first and second settings are applied. I would imagine that expected behavior is only the last settings are applied.

Here's a working fiddle demo.

Metafizzy member

Hi there! Sorry I didn't address this earlier.

Isotope v2 is now released. And with it, CSS transforms are no longer used for static position. So the underlying bug with CSS transforms and Firefox should now be resolved.

Yes, that looks like a hairy bug (setting transformsEnabled and animationEngine). Isotope v2 has removed both of these.

I'm closing this issue as resolved. But if you do continue to run into this, feel free to follow up. 🍒

@desandro desandro closed this Apr 5, 2014
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