Add back drag / fit packing behavior from v1 #353

desandro opened this Issue Mar 17, 2016 · 19 comments


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desandro commented Mar 17, 2016 edited

Packery v2 changed packing behavior. I'm interested to hear if anyone would like an option to use Packery v1 drag / fit behavior in Packery v2.

  • Packery v1 items will all be packed around dragged item. This is useful if you want the tightest arrangement of items.
  • Packery v2 items maintain horizontal position, only shifting up or down to make space for dragged item. This is useful if you want less movement while dragging items. It's easier to keep track of how items will move.


Add a 👍 reaction if you'd like to see Packery v1 drag packing behavior be added back to Packery v2.

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lgm42 commented Mar 18, 2016

I need, behavior like flow layout panel in desktop development.

Adryi13 commented Mar 23, 2016

Can't we have both behaviors? If there is a way to toggle between them i would like to know. Thanks!

cbtdev commented Mar 23, 2016

I'm pretty sure that is the intention.

As desandro said:

I'm interested to hear if anyone would like an _option_ to use Packery v1 drag behavior in Packery v2.

@desandro desandro changed the title from Add back drag packing behavior from v1 to Add back drag / fit packing behavior from v1 Mar 23, 2016

Hope that this will be implemented and not shelved.
In my case, layout method doesn't solve an issue(


@desandro I'm interested in this please!


What I'm really interested in is having v1-like predictable reordering with ability for variable-height elements, all same width. Is that possible?

metaman commented Apr 26, 2016

👍 Definitely would like to see this option back in please. Our items are all the same size so it makes sense for our users to be able to swap horizontally a <-> b and vertically a <-> f

davidyarham commented Apr 27, 2016 edited

I agree with @metaman. When dragging an item left to right then my brain would expect the right most to slide into its place, and also when dragging down then I would expect the underneath to slide into place.

yairEO commented Apr 28, 2016

Is there an ETA for this? seems like a very important issue. I am very eager to see this done :)

jaghira commented May 1, 2016

Adding predictive drag by moving/placing items vertically if user drags up or down and vice versa, if user drags left or right to move/place the images horizontally may be a good feature!


We really this function~ Anyone have a quick fix to it rather than waiting for the author?

WeArePercipio commented Aug 1, 2016 edited

Is this still in the works does anyone know?

Grey007 commented Aug 16, 2016

What is the status of this feature?

Eldair commented Sep 2, 2016

Any news on this?

desandro commented Sep 5, 2016 edited

This feature is still being considered. Adding another layout algorithm into Packery makes it more complex. So I'd like to be careful.

I appreciate your interest in Packery. But c'mon. No news means no news.



gorkma commented Nov 4, 2016



That would be really good. I use packery for arranging photo grids and the v2 behaviour is not intuitive (and produces """wrong""" results) for my current use case.

jano42 commented Nov 14, 2016 edited

It would be nice to have the choice on the drag behavior !

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