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Find general informations about the open source web application Metaflop, its origins, and what the heck it is.

Developer Guide

The developer guide contains information for Metaflop developers. If you want to contribute to the project, this guide explains how to get the source and work with it.

METAFONT for Designers

All about METAFONT for Mac OS X. If you'd like to code your own METAFONTs or contribute to one of our MFs, then this guide will help to get you started.

Contribute your METAFONT to Metaflop

All about how to contribute a METAFONT to Metaflop, the framework of the font, parameter settings and so forth.

From METAFONT to outline

How to convert a METAFONT to outline formats like OpenType.


Here you find all the licenses for the project code and our METAFONTs.

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