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BoobaBot, a rap music writer 📝

Hello! Welcome to the BoobaBot repository.

This project is about developping an A.I. rap writer that can write a word/sentence/para/full song or autocomplete your writing to help you find some inspiration!

For more techy people: this is a basic GloVe embedding using LSTM best practices and TensorFlow to predict words.

You can also train your own bot on a different corpus to potentially create whatever artiste you'd like (rock and roll, law, poems, etc.)

Disclaimer: The weights are not provided with the model


Install depedencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to train it

You can train your GloVe on a corpus using the script with those options:

  • debug: Debug mode
  • random_search: Procede to a random search for hyperparameters tuning
  • textfile: The textfile to use to build the corpus
  • embedding_size: Embedding size
  • context_size: Number of words to use for context
  • num_epochs: How many epochs should we train the GloVe
  • nb_search_iter: Batch size
  • stem: Should we stem words?

You can train your model on a corpus using the script with those options:

  • debug: Debug mode
  • profiling: Profiling mode, output a timeline readable inside chrome
  • num_epochs: How many epochs should we train the RNN
  • batch_size: Batch size
  • lr: Learning rate for the adam optimizers
  • textfile: The textfile used to train GloVe
  • glove_dir The GloVe directory
  • train_glove: Are we finetuning/training GloVe embedding
  • cell_name: str, help="Cell architecture
  • rnn_activation: str, help="RNN activation function names)")
  • seq_length: RNN sequence length
  • state_size: RNN state size
  • num_layers: How deep is the RNN
  • tye_embedding: Tye input/output word embedding weights

Let's make him rap baby!

Before make him rap, you need to train the model (see previous point).

You can make your model rap using the script with those options:

  • debug: Debug mode
  • model_dir: The trained RNN dir
  • inputs: Choose the beginning of the predicted sentence (see this as an initialization)
  • random: Add some randomness, predict using temperature
  • temperature: The temperature for predictions
  • top_k: Return the top K prediction
  • nb_word: How many words should it return
  • nb_sentence: How many lines should it return
  • nb_para: How many paragraph should it return

launch the app:

**See the file in the app folder **

Running tests

python -m unittest discover


  • app: Holds everything related to the autocomplete app, for more information on this point, check the README file inside the folder
  • crawler: This is a very simple and rough crawler, but still, it made the work for us, so if you want to use it, go on!
  • dataviz: Holds all python script to visualize the word embedding using sklearn or tensorboard
  • models: Holds models python files: RNNs and GloVe
  • server: Holds some files to use TensorFlow serving architecture in production
  • tests: Holds some tests sherlocks!
  • Python files:
    • Bash script to handle hyperparamerters search on the model
    • Generate new image from a trained model
    • Train GloVe embedding
    • Train a model to achieve deep rap
    • Some utilitary function to clean and handles input data

Have fun! 🍻


The GloVe embedding script has been taken from this repository (Thank You! 👍) and be adapted to be more TensorFlow friendly (especially the saving/loading part)


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