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Installation instructions + Troubleshooting + FAQ for inSSIDer Beta

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You need to install following two packages BEFORE trying to install inSSIDer.




Or, on Fedora mono-web and webkit-sharp

Fire up your Synaptic Package Manager (if you are using Debian or other similar package manager for your distro) and search above two packages and install them. If you don't mind opening up your terminal, you can install both dependencies with one shot:

sudo apt-get install libwebkit1.1-cil libmono-system-web2.0-cil libglade2.0-cil

On Debian machines, if your software center rejects to install this package for whatever reasons, you need terminal love again. 'cd' into the file where you have downloaded the installer and try:

sudo dpkg -i <inssider_installer_file.deb>

When you are at it, you can fire up one more command to purge the old settings (if you have installed inSSIDer before) and start everything new.

rm ~/.local/share/MetaGeek -rf


Here are few things that have changed in this version of inSSIDer:

Added: Filters Extension - you can now filter networks based on ssid, rssi, channel etc

Added: Settings - inSSIDer now remembers the last scan state, last selected interface, column orders, sort orders, window postion and size etc.

Added: News Feed - Just that you know what cool things geeks at MetaGeek doing and also give your extra tips about Networking stuff.

Added: Status bar - Because you probably don't want to count the total no. of access points around you all the time.

Removed: GPS View - It's not stable enough to make it to the beta.

Fixed: Support for Natty Narwhal - Tested on the latest and greatest Ubuntu.

Fixed: Lots of other bug fixes and polished up UI quite a bit.

FAQ/ Troubleshooting:

I think I've installed inSSIDer successfully but when I try to run it, it doesn't startup.

Fire up your terminal and try:


Go through the messages it spits out and see if you can figure out. Chances are you haven't installed two dependency packages mentioned above (see Installation). If nothing works, let us know on github by creating an issue:

How do I highlight an access point?

Double Click the access point on the table.

How do I edit filter properties and/or values?

Click on the cell to edit a value (just the way you do to edit a cell on any spreadsheet program). It might take few clicks till you become an 'edit master'.

My settings such as window position, size, columns order etc are not saved.

Try removing the old settings first and try to run inSSIDer again. Following command gets rid of all your old inSSIDer settings: rm ~/.local/share/MetaGeek -rf

Where did GPS go?

It was just an experimental feature, we might include it in our future releases but for now we are working on fixing some issues with it. Also, we want to make sure we are not tracking anyone with a GPS feature. We are good people ;)

Does this work on Ubuntu xxx xxxx?

Not sure. We have tested the installer on Maverick Meerkat and Natty Narwhal. Give it a try and if it doesn't work then let us know (along with the error messages it spits out). We will do some testing and try to fix it for you.

Where can I download more extensions?

Nowhere! We are still working on consolidating the extension APIs so for now there is no way to download and install more extensions. Once we have a stable extension API, we will release more and you will also be able to write your own.

Where is the source code?

Again, nowhere! We will be releasing the source code for sure but we want to make sure everything works. We also need to cleanup and document the source code.

I've other problems.

Go see a doctor! Kidding! But if it is related to inSSIDer then file an issue on github ( or ask help on MetaGeek forum (

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