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sbt (SyncML Backup Tool)

The command-line sbt tool allows you to perform a complete backup of a server that exposes its data via SyncML. It does this by querying the server what data stores it contains, then requesting all the content, and storing it opaquely and format agnostically in a local directory. During a restore operation, it simply tells the server to delete all of its data and uploads the previously downloaded version.


With npm installed, simply issue the following command:

npm install -g sbt

Note that if you are using node pre-0.8, you will need to explicitly install an earlier version of the request module, e.g.:

npm install -g sbt request@2.12.0

Also, in some installations of sqlite3, it doesn't correctly auto-compile the sqlite3 library, in which case you will need to do this:

npm install -g sbt request@2.12.0 node-gyp
cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/sbt/node_modules/sqlite3
node-gyp configure


Typical usage comprises first doing a backup and then at some point a restore. sbt does, however, also support doing a discover operation (which simply describes the remote server's storage structure) and a sync operation, which tells sbt to resolve changes to a snapshot that have been made since the last backup or sync.

sbt backup call:

sbt --server URL --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD backup DIRECTORY

sbt -s -u guest -p guest backup ./backups/latest

Then, to restore the server to that snapshot, simply use the restore command:

sbt restore DIRECTORY

sbt restore ./backups/latest

Other supported commands:

sbt --help            # shows a help screen with all supported options
sbt discover DIR      # displays the storage structure of the remote server
sbt sync DIR          # brings the DIRectory and the remote server into sync