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MetaHash Supply

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There is a Supply method in the MetaHash network that allows to get info about all the coins in the network. The method is as follows: This method returns the current number of #MHC that are in circulation, total amount of all coins emitted as of today, the maximum possible amount of coins that can be emitted and other useful info.

Method calling

To request, you need to specify method=supply as GET parameter.



The response returns as JSON as follows:

  "circulating_supply": "470676182",
  "circulating_supply_cmc": "391287347",
  "total_supply": "2863652445",
  "total_supply_decimals": "2863652445000000",
  "max_supply": "9200000000",
  "decimals": 6,
  "name": "MHC"


circulating_supply - Number of coins in circulation

circulating_supply_cmc - Number of coins in circulation (by CoinMarketCap)

total_supply - Number of all coins emitted

total_supply_decimals - Number of all coins emitted in micro units

max_supply - Maximum possible number of coins

decimals - Number of decimal places

name - Name of the currency

Calling the method specifying the field

If you want to return the value of a specific field, specify not only method=supply in GET params but also the name of the field, e.g.:




where 391287347 - is the value of the requested field circulating_supply_cmc

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