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Transaction means transferring cryptocurrency between two addresses. Transaction must be confirmed by a digital signature and a public key. This info will get you familiar with how to perform transaction in the MetaHash network.

Each transaction performed in the MetaHash network has its own status.


There are the following transaction status:

ok - transaction has been performed successfully,

error - transaction failed with an error,

pending - the first status: transaction is pending,

module_not_set - appropriate module that can process this transaction, this status is only for JacaScript transactions.

Request via get-tx method allows to find out the transaction status by transaction hash in the status field. Learn more about get-tx method.

Besides, this request returns IntStatus field containing description of transaction type in the number format applicable in the MetaHash network. There are the following transaction types:


TX_STATE_APPROVE     = 1;   // block approve transaction
TX_STATE_ACCEPT      = 20;  // transaction accepted (data & move)
TX_STATE_WRONG_DATA  = 40;  // transaction not accepted (data method rejected)
TX_STATE_FORGING     = 100; // forging transaction
TX_STATE_FORGING_W   = 101; // wallet reward forging transaction
TX_STATE_FORGING_N   = 102; // node reward forging transaction
TX_STATE_FORGING_C   = 103; // coin reward forging transaction
TX_STATE_FORGING_R   = 104; // random reward forging transaction
TX_STATE_STATE       = 200; // state block transaction
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