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Crypt example PHP

This repository contains PHP scripts that enable to generate MetaHash addresses, check its balance and see the full transaction history. Besides, crypt_example.php script describes methods allowing to create and send transactions as well as to obtain information on transaction via its hash. To learn more about all operations listed above please read the following articles: Getting started with Metahash network, Creating transactions and Operations with MetaHash address.

There are 2 ways of working with the script:

  1. Using the php library of mdanter/ecc Read more
  2. Using the extension for php mhcrypto Read more

You can use the path that suits you.


Basic requirements

  • PHP 7.1+
  • ext-gmp
  • ext-curl

Additional requirements for mdanter/ecc library

  • composer
  • mdanter/ecc (0.5.0)

Additional requirements for mhcrypto extension


php crypt_example.php [params]

Repository contains demo page index.html. In order to work with this demo page you need to have an installed web server. Here you can see the demo page of interface crypt_example_php:


Read more