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MetaGate release v1.15.1

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MetaGate-linux-1.15.1.tar.gz 7c3418d73c16d0daec22913a96cf8f97a58dc91f12fd31d149398b54564bde55
MetaGate-macosx-1.15.1.dmg 8d25328eebe681e4d5f9711dd15c78304c92896ca92cce7088bfa25012697815
MetaGate-windows-1.15.1.zip 753ba2a752feb5f8f35869cd3715122f842e4e7380d1113aa1774054b933cf23
MetaGate-windows-x86-1.15.1.zip 5debad0037a210dca7647ef42d426d03714207c91965adfd4e10be92335e7bc1
Aug 28, 2018
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MetaGate release v1.14.2

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MetaGate-linux-1.14.2.tar.gz 9617e2731523acbadac6c16321262c904e74f60c487d6e4927e627f794e370c5
MetaGate-macosx-1.14.2.dmg 47211745b098aa494ee693407d1e5396067f768ff5ab68bf53314bebdc075864
MetaGate-windows-1.14.2.zip fee051ac938751fead51d88e264bd643d96b25622a4974771bc66c953183eb1c
MetaGate-windows-x86-1.14.2.zip 8a4020eaeb6353d575a8ec5b898a94fa8396a4abe277fcd1a5409d4dee626685

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MetaGate release v1.14.1

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MetaGate-linux-1.14.1.tar.gz 14588bf1665e9e1315e3f1d4ebc9de88bb537fbcfe0c68b21b325c92ee1374e3

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MetaGate release v1.14.0

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MetaGate-linux-1.14.0.tar.gz 87e9967dfee08bb13de85cf4ff2537356cb4833982ac941156ab73c4cf21722f
MetaGate-macosx-1.14.0.dmg 0eb92418b8142cd29d0181efb6830cce3f02a2d9012756961dc61ead8d6dbf4b
MetaGate-windows-1.14.0.zip 0adb9695121eab7f87f658cf3bfb5b5f290d96c83c9bbcc7f5ff9f55ed822285

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MetaGate release v1.13.4

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MetaGate-linux-1.13.4.tar.gz b4112b7eff0890431f04157716c2eb61c0cf5780b58eb2d0e81ccf1234e3f75a
MetaGate-macosx-1.13.4.dmg 67d92765ff6a3c8016ff0d7b701e5f635d991e9218f817a4b591ea630841d03d
MetaGate-windows-1.13.4.zip 190b32ae38c260543271fb707c0fd726ff7a8796e5888878fe06c79daf734c08

@valtasar valtasar released this May 30, 2018 · 498 commits to master since this release

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This is the first public release of #MetaGate.

We know it’s not perfect, but we are focused on making it the best browser for decentralized applications built on #MetaHash platform and on other chains and the best cryptocurrency wallet for #MetaHash Coins, Tokens and other currencies.

We would love you to test it and share your experiences with us.
As any developer we would surely love to polish it more and have a perfect 1st release, but the sooner you show your first release to public the faster you get the real version that people like.

Bugs happen, but early launches make Apps better. So please understand it’s the first release and be careful with your funds. #MetaGate has a long way ahead to pass public security bounties and public tests.

We need your Help!

So now we are hoping to get help from you to understand if we are moving in the right direction.

If you have ideas on how to make #MetaGate better, please e-mail to: gateidea@metahash.org
If something doesn’t work, please e-mail to: gatebug@metahash.org

Idea behind #MetaGate.

It’s not a Wallet, it’s a browser, that is able to download user interface or directly access decentralized Apps via mh:// (#MetaHash protocol).

The Wallet itself will be a decentralized open source application. At current stage we only allow UI to be in HTML/JS, but later on more complex UI will be available that would require explicit “yes” from user to be installed. #MH protocol means that an App always changes IP addresses where it is hosted and you are working with a random decentralized Node. Data that needs verification is downloaded from multiple sources or #MetaHash DataChain and data that needs synchronization is uploaded encrypted or public in DataChain.

SHA-256 Checksums Verification

File Checksum (SHA256)
MetaGate-linux-1.13-beta.1.tar.gz ec25a4713dda0c0b83a389b3367babdcff29990b6176720e31ddbacd77b4df1d
MetaGate-macosx-1.13-beta.1.dmg 1f2b93d4ee88db3fd1ed2b44addb7ff930ce90f7956d22c044644ac4b0da2c95
MetaGate-windows-1.13-beta.1.zip b9e190f67f47186fb770b0b289ace4a684ba27f6c472aa8c4342bba4fe5dbd0b
May 30, 2018
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May 22, 2018
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