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Create docker file

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Create docker file

This doc will show you how to build container from Dockerfile. Docker will setup all depencies within container, download precompiled libraries and binaries.

Step 1. Preparation

mkdir /tmp/mhp
cd /tmp/mhp

Step2. Dockerfile

Use Dockerfile:


Step3. Build

sudo docker build -t mh_proxy . --no-cache

Before running this command, install docker, if it isn't installed yet. Please see instruction in Docker installation to do this.

Step4. Running container

chmod +x
sudo ./ mh_proxy main


mh_proxy - docker container name you’ve built on previous step,

main - network name (main|dev|v8). Default is main.

Step5. Example of using the MHC client

Once the installation is completed, MHC client is ready to be used, for example, for generating an address:

# curl -s -X POST --data '{"id":1,"version":"1.0.0","method":"generate"}'

Generated keys can be found in the folder: ~/ where net - network name, for example ~/wallet.main/

For more information about the MHC client, available methods and capabilities, see

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