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Template: ejabberd/hostname
Type: string
Default: localhost
_Description: The name of the host ejabberd will serve:
Please enter the hostname of your Jabber server (in lowercase).
Template: ejabberd/user
Type: string
_Description: The username of an admin account for ejabberd:
Please provide the name of an account to administrate the ejabberd server.
After the installation of ejabberd you can use this account to log in with any
Jabber client to do administrative tasks or go to
http://${hostname}:5280/admin/ and log in with this account to enter the admin
interface. Enter the username part here (e.g. ${user}), but use the full Jabber
ID (e.g. ${user}@${hostname}) to log into ejabberd web interface; otherwise it
will fail.
Leave empty if you don't want to create an admin account automatically.
Template: ejabberd/password
Type: password
_Description: The password for the admin account:
Please enter the password for the administrative user.
Template: ejabberd/verify
Type: password
_Description: The password for the admin account again for verification:
Please reenter the password for the administrative user for verification.
Template: ejabberd/nomatch
Type: error
_Description: The passwords do not match!
The passwords you have typed do not match. Please try again.