Source code for example applications of "Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery"
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        Thank you for downloading the source code for 
    "Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery"

The source code for the following chapters are included:

Chapter 1  - No source code provided.

Chapter 2  - No source code provided.

Chapter 3  - Contains the Hello application.

Chapter 4  - Contains the Peek application.

Chapter 5  - Contains the Arthur application.

Chapter 6  - Contains the Gab application.

Chapter 7  - Contains the Dig application.

Chapter 8  - Contains the Groupie application.

Chapter 9  - Contains the SketchPad application.

Chapter 10 - Contains the NetPad application.

Chapter 11 - Contains the Toetem referee and client applications.

Chapter 12 - Contains the example code and Django project
             demonstrating session attachment.

Chapter 13 - No source code provided.

Chapter 14 - Contains the example Strophe roster plug-in and 
             RosterWatch application.

Appendix A - No source code provided.

Appendix B - No source code provided.

Each chapter's code is in a folder called "chXX" where XX is the
zero-padded chapter number.  Strophe and flXHR are provided in the
"scripts" directory, referenced by each application.

Please use the Errata form for the book on to send
comments, bug reports, etc.