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JavaScript CoffeeScript
Latest commit 96da306 @metajack Move repository.
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archive outsource iso8601 support to an own file as proposded by @flosse
caps Rename..
chatstates imported chatstates
cmds removed dotfile
dataforms compiled dataforms-x with new coffeescript
disco equalized branch to upstream
epic imported epic plugin
ibb si file transfer
iexdomain Add misplaced parentheses
jingleinfo adding jingleinfo plugin
joap fixed joap method call
mam mam: Actually use jid parameter
muc Fix bug: leave one room removed strophe handler
pep fix for #71 - not tested
ping Add return true to example ping handler. Also match up handler var name.
privacy Refactoring to use defered strophe connection sentinal in multiple tests
private removed pep and private samples
pubsub send atom entries
receipts imported xep-0184 plugin
register workaround for register to work with x dataforms
roster iq IDs are now returned in roster plugin
rpc run specs with buster instead of the dead project 'jasmine-runner'
rsm Ahem, remove copyright. :)
serverdate Feature: Added plugin for synchronising client time with the server
si-filetransfer si file transfer
test-helpers Refactoring to use defered strophe connection sentinal in multiple tests
vcard typo error
.gitignore Added doc products to ignores.
LICENSE.txt Add license and basic docs.
Makefile Added Makefile.
README.markdown Move repository.


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