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Strophe.pep.js is a plugin to provide the Personal Eventing Protocol ( XEP-0163 ).


After you connected sucessfully to the XMPP server you can (un-)subscribe to PEP nodes or publish to your own nodes:

connection.pep.subscribe( "serviceJID@server.org", "nodename" );
connection.pep.unsubscribe( "serviceJID@server.org", "nodename" );
var elem = document.createElement("mytag");
elem.appendChild( document.createTextNode("myText") );

var content = ["<a><b id="c">sample text</b></a>", elem ];
connection.pep.publish( "mynode", content );

You can also pass callback and handler functions:

conncection.pep.subscribe( jid, node, success, error, handler );
conncection.pep.unsubscribe( jid, node, success, error );
connection.pep.publish( node, content, success, error );

If you have standard handlers you want to use, you can define them globally:

conncection.pep.defaults.success = myDefaultSuccessHandler
conncection.pep.defaults.error = myDefaultErrorHandler


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