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server.js -- Simple text-to-speech demo

How it works

This demo uses Google's Text-To-Speech endpoint to get an MP3 audio stream of the supplied text. Then it uses the node-lame module to decode the MP3 stream to raw audio and finally passes the raw audio stream to node-speaker which plays it using the RaspberryPi's soundcard.

How to use

To use this demo project, first clone this repo on your local machine. Then go to your Resin dashboard and create an application or use one that you've already created. You have to add the resin remote to your local git repo in order to git push resin master.

To do that, copy the remote and issue the following command in the folder containing this repo:

git remote add resin

You should be able to git push resin master to your devices!

Note: If you used an already existing application that you've previously pushed other code to you will have to do git push --force resin master the first time to delete the previous commits.