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A Go tool to safely compile Go programs by only allowing importing whitelisted packages.
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A Go tool to safely compile and run Go programs by only allowing importing of whitelisted packages.


If you are not careful, running in parallell might let the child processes execute arbitrary code:


To enable running any piece of Go code (even if it comes from unknown sources) with ease and safety.


Use Compiler.Allow to allow given packages, then run code with Compiler.Run or Compiler.RunFile.


Communicating with child processes

Use child.Stdin(), child.Stdout() and child.Stderr() in to communicate with the child processes via structured data.

On demand child processes

Use gosafe.Compiler#Command, gosafe.Compiler#CommandFile and gosafe.Cmd#Handle to create child process handlers that will stay dormant until needed (when gosafe.Cmd#Handle is called), and die again after a customizable timeout without new messages.

See for an example.

On demand child processes with transparent method calling and callbacks to the mother process

Use child.NewServer, child.Server#Register and child.Server#Start to create child processes serving many different types of calls from the parent process.

Then use gosafe.Cmd#Register to register callbacks that the child processes can use to access data outside their runtime (such as private persistence providers for example) before responding with their final return value.

See for an example.


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