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== Specification of Templates
It is based on the lazy_configtester gem and has the same requirements for a specification.
-Currently only mustache template might be checked.
+Currently only mustache templates might be checked.
== Examples:
@@ -38,15 +38,6 @@ the following template would match the spec
-:name or 'name' is a mandatory sub in the template that should have the placeholders a and b
- { :name => [a,b] }
-the 'a' and 'b' placeholders should have the placeholders 'c' or 'd'
- { ['a', 'b'] => ['c', 'd'] }
-there should be at least one sub and all placeholders should match against /peter/
- {'+' => /peter/}
=== Validation:
In order to check if a template matches the spec, create an instance of LazyTemplatetester and call check on it:

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