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Website for Question Paper Search


Number of papers in the json file

$ jq '. | length' data/data.json

Find number of papers with link doesn't end with PDF and isn't on Drive

$ jq '.[].Link' data/data.json | awk -F'"' '{ if (match($2, /pdf$/) == 0 && match($2, / == 0) { print $2 } }' | wc

Calculate number of duplicates

# Find the original number of papers
$ jq '.[].Link' data/data.json | wc
# Find the number of unique records
$ jq '.[].Link' data/data.json | sort | uniq | wc
# Subtract the result of the second command
# from the first to get the number of duplicates
# oneliner to find the number of duplicates
$ echo $((`jq '.[].Link' data/data.json | sort | uniq -D | wc -l`-`jq '.[].Link' data/data.json | sort | uniq -d | wc -l`))

Library site is down? ( )

Run the following command, commit the new data.json file and push to this repository:

sed -ie "s/http:\/\/10\.17\.32\.9/https:\/\/static\.metakgp\.org/g" data/data.json

or if you need to go back to the library site:

sed -ie "s/https\:\/\/\:\/\/" data/data.json


Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPLv3).


Please read guide to know more.

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