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Where is my Prof?
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WIMP - Where Is My Prof?

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Alwin is a wimpy kid. What? Is he lazy? Not at all! He always asks me, 'Where is my Prof?'. He is in search of his project and sick of waiting for hours in front of his Prof's office. Boom! He got an idea. He started to search the Prof's timetable and decided to meet him after his class. He went to ERP. Wow! What a beautiful place it is! He found the Prof's department and checked department time table, found out his slots, compared his slots with time and finally, he met him. But, alas! He was late. The Prof gave his project to another stud. Alwin asked him, 'Bro, how did you find him earlier?'. He replied, 'Use WIMP kid!'.


Getting Valid JSESSIONID

  1. Login to the ERP
  2. Go to Academic -> Timetable -> Subject List with Timetable Slots
  3. Open the browser console. Switch to the Network tab
  4. Choose any department and wait for the time table to load
  5. After the time table is loaded, check the Network tab for the POST timetable_track.js ... request. Select this request; switch to the Cookies tab and copy the JSESSIONID cookie value to your .env file
  6. You can also add it using the following command for the current terminal session

Host machine

$ git clone
$ cd wimp
$ sudo pip3 install pipenv
$ pipenv --three && pipenv install && pipenv shell # loads .env file variables, install dependencies
$ python # To populate data
$ python # Locate your browser to the local address

Docker container

$ git clone
$ cd wimp
$ docker build -t wimp .
$ docker run -p 8888:5000 wimp

Pretty printing data.json

You can use any JSON utility that is installed on your computer. jq is recommended.

$ jq '' data/data.json > data/data2.json
$ mv data/data2.json data/data.json


We've a list of FAQ here. If you've any queries, find the answer from there. If your question is not there, add it by yourself. We would love to answer.


PRs are most welcome!

GPLv3 license


Navaneeth Suresh (@themousepotato on metakgp Slack.)

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