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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Apr 16, 2018

The installer/Auto-updater of the package has been giving me a lot of issues. I've made a decision to switch to a standalone exe instead of an installer for future iterations of the app. Please read through the Q&A below for more info!

Q: The last version of JopeBot installed to my computer like a windows app. Why change now?
A: The installer versions of JopeBot created really large files, as Electron didn't provide a safe way to clear out old versions of the app. Some users would have 300mb+ installations as their bot would update a lot, and contain the remnants of previous versions. The new version will only fetch the files it needs, and replace the existing matches, leading to less storage requirements and faster updates. Not using an installer also allows the user to store the app where ever they would like, and circumvents some issues that users were having on 32-bit machines.

Q: OK, so the new version of JopeBot no longer needs to be installed, but will it still update automatically?
A: Yes! JopeBot will still fetch new updates when they come available and prompt you to install. In fact, the updating process should be a lot faster now. Since you don't have to uninstall the old version, download the entire program again, and install the entire program like before, updates will be much faster now. Development and bug-fixes will also no longer need a complicated installer to be built, or update mechanics to be developed. The overall process of creating new versions and fixing problems should be much easier and faster now.

Q: So how do I run JopeBot now?
A: Simply run the JopeBot.exe file located in the newly downloaded JopeBot folder. You can save this folder wherever is convenient for you.

Q: Will all my configuration data still work from the "installer" versions of JopeBot?
A: Yes! All operations of the bot will feel the same, the only difference is there won't be anything installed to your machine anymore. All your configuration and token data will still live in the same place, and running the bot will feel exactly the same as before.

Q: Can i uninstall the old version of JopeBot?
A: If you'd like to. The old installer versions of JopeBot will still run fine, they just won't be receiving updates anymore. For updates to continue, you must switch to the standalone JopeBot configuration (2.0.0+), but you can leave the installed version there as a backup if you'd like.

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Mar 25, 2018

Bug Fixes
• Refactored render algorithm to prevent frame drops
• Fixed path for data folders with users with spaces
• Fixed setup.js to handle whitespace issues

New Features
• Play Random Suggestion
• Open Links outside of JopeBot
• 1 Play Per Person Option
• Count Shared Links in Sidebar

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Mar 21, 2018

JopeBot Desktop
Bug Fixes
• Re-Wrote render logic to reduce frame skipping
• 'Open Data Folder' button would error out if your Windows username had a space

• Added link to extension panel in "Extension Settings"

JopeBot Website
• Built leaderboard and achievement badges
• Refactored server logic to reduce load and increase consistency which should reduce server downtime dramatically.

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Mar 12, 2018

Bug Fixes
• Link box on requests now hides if no link detected (if URLs are allowed)
• Fixed bug with Streamlabs API (threw an error if streamer had never received a previous donation)

• Added Settings for Extension Panel (
• Added a "Maximum Song Length" setting, which will exclude long songs from your songs page

• Configurations in JopeBot Desktop "Extension Settings" will hide/show specific panels
- Allows you to only show the panels you feel relative to your stream
• Request tiers in JopeBot Desktop will now HIDE (instead of disable) request types on the "Submit" panel
• Added "Suggestions" panel, which also shows "likes"
• Re-worked the "My Info" panel to include suggestions, and fit the text better on the panel
• Added "splash" panel which describes the bot and gives a way to access the website
• Added fully functional search to panel (Songs panel)
- Can search through your list of songs directly on the panel
- Can click a song to request/suggest directly from the panel

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Mar 7, 2018

Minor patch to fix broken links

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Mar 6, 2018

JopeBot Extension Panel (Beta 0.0.1)
• Allows your viewers to do the following without needing chat commands OR going (all actions right on your stream page)
- Make suggestions, requests, priorities, and VIPs without spamming chat
- View upcoming requests
- View their tokens
- See what's been fulfilled
- View your JopeBot songs list

New Features
• Requests can support links
- will parse out links for clickability
• Added "likes" support for suggestions
- Viewers can like once per suggestion
- The suggestions will get sorted by number of likes on the bot and
- Allows the streamer to know what the users want to hear THE MOST
• Added ability for ADMINs to remove suggestions from
- Click the trash icon next to the suggestion (will only show up for admins)

Bug Fixes
• Viewers can now modify existing requests while the bot is paused (no NEW requests)
• Fixed bug where bot was sending data to when it didn't need to
• Fixed issue where existing requests wouldn't overwrite correctly if upgraded with a new message

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Feb 20, 2018

Patch for fixing bug with share data conflicting with backups

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Feb 20, 2018

Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue where !give would allow gifting negative tokens
• User icons are now fetched on desktop for consistency
• Added button to clear suggestions page

New Features
• Viewers can now share files directly to JopeBot

  • !share {link}
  • Streamer can auto-download the file to a specified folder, or click through and preview / download
  • Manages all shared files automatically in its own page
    • Streamers can now set up "profiles", for settings based on different games
  • Go to Settings > Profiles
  • Profile must be selected before changes will be applied to it.
  • Create and Remove Profiles straight from the bot
    • Added Hotkey for !playnext
  • Don't even have to have the bot in focus
  • Press CTRL + `
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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Feb 13, 2018

Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue where token conversion rate was affected by priority token amount
• TAPIC stopped working. Built different solution to get streamer data.

New Features
• adding @username to a custom intro will only run on that username's request
• (admin only) !elevate @username will cause that user's request to bump up to the next tier

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@metal-messiah metal-messiah released this Feb 11, 2018

Bug Fixes
• Refactored calls to Streamlabs API for more consistent checks for donations
• songs.json can now be read by the bot from either the file path OR directory path
• Fixed bug in mixer where certain GUI commands were not updating config file

New Features
• Added current song to main request tab
• Added "Played Songs" OBS feed, with URL in OBS Settings
• Added Option to generate plain static .txt files instead of web stream
• Added Setting to OBS settings to change margin between each request

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