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metal-stack v0.18.2

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@metal-robot metal-robot released this 10 Jun 11:01


Required Actions

  • When running metal-stack with the Gardener integration, please make sure you do not run Kubernetes Clusters < 1.24 anymore
  • The leaf and router role were removed from the partition deployment roles because we think only the mini-lab used them. Please make sure not to rely on these roles anymore in your automations. (metal-stack/metal-roles#281)

Component Releases

gardener-extension-provider-metal v0.23.0

metal-roles v0.11.18

metal-bmc v0.5.3

droptailer v0.2.15

Merged Pull Requests

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The fact that these pull requests were merged does not necessarily imply that they have already become part of this metal-stack release.