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Metal Kubed - Bare Metal Host Provisioning for Kubernetes


  1. metal3-docs metal3-docs Public

    Architecture documentation that describes the components being built under Metal³.

    Shell 262 105

  2. metal3-dev-env metal3-dev-env Public

    Metal³ Development Environment

    Shell 109 118

  3. baremetal-operator baremetal-operator Public

    Bare metal host provisioning integration for Kubernetes

    Go 532 240

  4. cluster-api-provider-metal3 cluster-api-provider-metal3 Public

    Metal³ integration with

    Go 184 85

  5. ironic-image ironic-image Public

    Container image to run OpenStack Ironic as part of Metal³

    Shell 51 114

  6. project-infra project-infra Public

    Metal3 testing infrastructure configuration

    Shell 13 20


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