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API and Resource Definitions


The BareMetalHost resource defines the properties of a physical host necessary to manage and provision it.

Spec Fields

bmc -- The connection information for the BMC controller on the host.

bmc.address -- The URL for communicating with the BMC controller. When communicating over IPMI, this should be a URL of the form ipmi://<host>:<port> (an unadorned <host>:<port> is also accepted). Specifying the port is optional; the default port is 623. Dell iDRAC is also supported, by using the scheme idrac:// (or idrac+http:// to disable TLS) in place of https:// in the iDRAC URL; only the hostname or IP address is required - idrac://host.example is equivalent to idrac+https://host.example:443/wsman. Fujitsu iRMC is also supported, by using the scheme irmc://<host>:<port> with <port> is optional. Redfish is also supported, by using the scheme redfish:// (or redfish+http:// to disable TLS) in place of https:// in the Redfish URL; the hostname or IP address, and the path to the system ID are required - for example redfish://myhost.example/redfish/v1/Systems/MySystemExample

bmc.credentials -- A reference to a Secret containing the connection data, at least username and password, for the BMC.

online -- A boolean indicating whether the host should be powered on (true) or off (false). Changing this value will trigger a change in power state on the physical host.

consumerRef -- A reference to another object that is using the host. For example, a Machine when the host is being used by the machine-api.

externallyProvisioned -- A boolean indicating whether something else is managing the image running on the host. When set, if no image is provided, the host's power status and hardware inventory will be monitored. If this flag is set, no provisioning or deprovisioning operations are performed for the host.

image.url -- The URL of an image to deploy to the host.

image.checksum -- An md5 checksum or URL to a file with a checksum for the image at image.url.

userData -- A reference to the Secret containing the user data to be passed to the host before it boots.

description -- A human-provided string to help identify the host.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: openshift-worker-1-bmc-secret
type: Opaque
  username: YWRtaW4=
  password: cGFzc3dvcmQ=

kind: BareMetalHost
  name: openshift-worker-1
  online: true
    address: libvirt://
    credentialsName: openshift-worker-1-bmc-secret
  bootMACAddress: 00:11:55:9e:1d:f7
    namespace: openshift-machine-api
    name: worker-user-data
    url: ""
    checksum: ""

Status Fields

consumerRef -- The thing using the host. Usually a Machine, linking the host to a Node.

lastUpdated -- The timestamp of the last time the status for the host was updated.

operationalStatus -- The status of the server. Value is one of the following:

  • OK -- The host is configured correctly and is manageable.
  • discovered -- The host is only partially configured, such as when the BMC address is known but the login credentials are not.
  • error -- There is an error with the configuration data for the host or there is a problem with the host itself. Refer to the errorMessage field in the status section for more details about the error condition.

errorMessage -- Details for any error.

hardware -- The details for hardware capabilities discovered on the host. These are filled in by the provisioning agent when the host is registered.

hardware.nics -- List of network interfaces for the host.

hardware.nics.mac -- The MAC address of the NIC.

hardware.nics.ip -- The IP address of the NIC, if one was assigned when the discovery agent ran. -- List of storage (disk, SSD, etc.) available to the host. -- Size in GB of the storage location. -- Information string about the storage.

hardware.cpus -- List of CPUs in the system.

hardware.cpus.type -- The type of the CPU.

hardware.cpus.speed -- The speed in GHz of the CPU.

hardwareProfile -- The name of the hardware profile that matches the hardware discovered on the host. Details about the hardware are saved to the hardware section of the status. If the hardware does not match a known profile, the value "unknown" is used. In practice, so far this affects which device the deployed OS image is written to. The following hardwareProfile settings and the corresponding root device are listed here, and are definitely subject to change. (Note that the default is unknown.)

hardwareProfile Root Device
unknown /dev/sda
libvirt /dev/vda
dell HCTL: 0:0:0:0
dell-raid HCTL: 0:2:0:0

poweredOn -- Boolean indicating whether the host is powered on. See online.

provisioning -- Settings related to deploying an image to the host.

provisioning.state -- The current state of any ongoing provisioning operation. One of:

  • -- No provisioning is happening.
  • registration error -- The details for the BMC for the host are incorrect or incomplete and the host could not be managed.
  • registering -- The details for the BMC for the host are being checked.
  • match profile -- The details for the hardware found on the host are being compared against known profiles.
  • ready -- The host is available to be consumed.
  • validation error -- The details for the BMC for the host are incorrect or incomplete and the host could not be managed.
  • provisioning -- An image is being written to the host.
  • provisioning error -- The image could not be written to the host.
  • provisioned -- An image has been written to the host completely.
  • externally provisioned -- The host has a consumer, but metal3 did not write an image to the host.
  • deprovisioning -- The host storage is being wiped.
  • inspecting -- The hardware details for the host are being collected.
  • power management error -- The host could not be powered on or off, as requested through the online field setting.
kind: BareMetalHost
  creationTimestamp: 2019-02-08T20:10:32Z
  generation: 9
  name: example-baremetalhost
  namespace: bmo-project
  resourceVersion: "1750818"
  selfLink: /apis/
  uid: 96837048-2bdd-11e9-8df7-525400f68198
      name: bmc1-secret
    address: ipmi://
  online: true
  errorMessage: ""
    cpus: null
    nics: null
    storage: null
  hardwareProfile: unknown
  image: ""
  lastUpdated: 2019-02-11T17:44:30Z
  operationalStatus: OK
  provisioningID: ""

Triggering Provisioning

Several conditions must be met in order to initiate provisioning.

  1. The host spec.image.url field must contain a URL for a valid image file that is visible from within the cluster and from the host receiving the image.
  2. The host must have online set to true so that the operator will keep the host powered on.

To initiate deprovisioning, clear the image URL from the host spec.

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