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Page Ready

Web page performance analyzer. This tool was built to help determine the real-world load times of client-side applications.

Not only does it track resource requests and exceptions, but it also allows you to execute javascript expressions against the pages in question to determine when they're true. This would allow you, for instance, to determine when a specific view is loaded and in the DOM, or when dynamically-fetched content is actually visible to the user, &c…

example run


This tool depends on the frameworks in WebKit Nightly, so be sure to have it downloaded and installed before use.


With each release a new binary compiled for OS X 10.8 is uploaded and can be found in the downloads section.


Compiling page-ready is as simple as opening the project in XCode and clicking Product → Build (⌘B).


Usage: page-ready [-hjp] [--silent | --verbose | --json] [-t seconds] [-c expr] url ...

        -c expr, --condition=expr
            Javascript expression to be used as a test condition. Multiple expressions may be included.

        -h, --help
            Display this help message.

        -j, --json
            Instead of a text report, return the analysis as JSON.

        -p, --cache
            Enable the page cache. Disabled by default.

        -t seconds, --timeout=seconds
            Timeout in seconds for condition to be met within. Default: 60.0

            No output.

            More detailed output.

            Show version number and quit.


        page-ready -c "someFunc()" -c "anotherFunc()" -c "thirdFunc()"

        page-ready -c "document.readyState == 'complete'" -t 2.5

        page-ready --verbose < cat your_file.js

Usage instructions can also be viewed with the tool:

./page-ready -h