The source codes in the CVPR2013 Paper: Measuring Crowd Collectiveness
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Source codes for Measuring Crowd Collectiveness

1, measureCollectiveness.m
Core function of computing collectiveness.

2, collectiveMerging.m
Clustering algorithm Collective Merging in the paper.

3, SDPmodel.m
Simulation of Self-driven Particle with measuring its collectiveness over time

4, run_realscene.m
Measuring collectiveness in each frame of a real crowd with detecting collective motion clusters.

5, Some utility functions are included in util folder. You may first mex them. 

Mar. 28 2013, Bolei Zhou

Bolei Zhou, Xiaoou Tang, and Xiaogang Wang. "Measuring Crowd Collectiveness." Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2013)