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Service become unreachable after loadBalancerIP change with MetalLB in L2 mode #471

zigmund opened this issue Aug 27, 2019 · 9 comments · Fixed by #520

Service become unreachable after loadBalancerIP change with MetalLB in L2 mode #471

zigmund opened this issue Aug 27, 2019 · 9 comments · Fixed by #520


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@zigmund zigmund commented Aug 27, 2019

Hi there,

Checked few times and here the steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch metallb with L2 mode configured.
  2. Create LoadBalancer service with or without loadBalancerIP.
  3. Service is reachable via IP metallb assinged to service.
  4. Manually set another different loadBalancerIP from same pool.
  5. Metallb writes to logs and service events that IP chanched and he is announcing new IP, but is not reachable anymore via new or old IP.

Here is example, service worked well on IP and then I changed loadBalancerIP to
Service events:

  Normal  nodeAssigned    4s (x4 over 4m)       metallb-speaker     announcing from node "hw-kube-n5.***"
  Normal  IPAllocated     4s                    metallb-controller  Assigned IP ""
  Normal  LoadbalancerIP  4s                    service-controller ->

Controller log:

{"caller":"main.go:49","event":"startUpdate","msg":"start of service update","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.880651029Z"}
{"caller":"service.go:77","event":"clearAssignment","msg":"user requested a different IP than the one currently assigned","reason":"differentIPRequested","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.880722368Z"}
{"caller":"service.go:98","event":"ipAllocated","ip":"","msg":"IP address assigned by controller","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.880757651Z"}
{"caller":"main.go:96","event":"serviceUpdated","msg":"updated service object","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.897212655Z"}
{"caller":"main.go:98","event":"endUpdate","msg":"end of service update","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.897234751Z"}

Speaker log:

{"caller":"main.go:176","event":"startUpdate","msg":"start of service update","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.896635956Z"}
{"caller":"main.go:246","event":"serviceAnnounced","ip":"","msg":"service has IP, announcing","pool":"alahd-10-9-244","protocol":"layer2","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.896745401Z"}
{"caller":"main.go:249","event":"endUpdate","msg":"end of service update","service":"common-testing/os-redis-frontend-dc1-common","ts":"2019-08-27T04:41:28.896834263Z"}

There are few ways to recover service access:

  • Recreate service (delete/create);
  • Change service type, for example, to NodePort and back;
  • Restart speaker POD (delete);

MetalLb version:

{"branch":"HEAD","caller":"main.go:72","commit":"v0.8.1","msg":"MetalLB speaker starting version 0.8.1 (commit v0.8.1, branch HEAD)","ts":"2019-08-27T04:37:31.972293077Z","version":"0.8.1"}

Kubernetes version:

Server Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"12", GitVersion:"v1.12.8", GitCommit:"a89f8c11a5f4f132503edbc4918c98518fd504e3", GitTreeState:"clean", BuildDate:"2019-04-23T04:41:47Z", GoVersion:"go1.10.8", Compiler:"gc", Platform:"linux/amd64"}

kube-proxy in iptables mode.

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@danderson danderson commented Aug 27, 2019

Thanks for the report!

Okay, I see a logic bug in speaker, when an IP is assigned and then later changed. Basically the speaker internal state doesn't get cleaned up, so exported metrics are wrong and the speaker ends up doing a bit too much work for IPv6.

But... Even with that (which is definitely a bug!), the service should still be reachable on the new IP, based on the code I'm staring at...

Can you help me verify a few more things with your setup? I don't have time right now to set up a sandbox and repro (but should tomorrow).

  1. Delete the service.
  2. Restart all speaker pods (to clear any bad internal state).
  3. Create the service.
  4. Run arping <assigned ip> and verify that you're seeing ARP responses from MetalLB.
  5. Change the loadBalancerIP like you did before, to make MetalLB change the IP allocation.
  6. Run arping <new assigned ip>. Do you get any ARP responses? What about arping <old assigned ip> ?

Basically, looking at the code, I don't see how the new IP would not be working. There's definitely some stuff to fix here anyway, and with more steps (multiple services, moving IPs from one to another), there's maybe a way to trigger what you're seeing with just this logic bug... but if you don't see any ARP traffic with the clean steps above (that don't have borked internal speaker state), then there's something else going on.

@danderson danderson added this to To Do in Layer 2 mode via automation Aug 27, 2019
@danderson danderson self-assigned this Aug 27, 2019
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@zigmund zigmund commented Aug 27, 2019

@danderson thanks for reply.

Restarted all metallb pods, including controller.
Created service, got assigned.
Arping from independent host in k8s nodes' L2 domain:

# arping -i ens18 -c 3
60 bytes from 0c:c4:7a:9b:fc:b4 ( index=0 time=9.281 msec
60 bytes from 0c:c4:7a:9b:fc:b4 ( index=1 time=4.254 msec
60 bytes from 0c:c4:7a:9b:fc:b4 ( index=2 time=15.969 msec

--- statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received,   0% unanswered (0 extra)
rtt min/avg/max/std-dev = 4.254/9.835/15.969/4.799 ms

Edited service and set LoadbalancerIP to New IP assigned, according to logs and events.
No response with arping from new IP, but still got response from old IP.

# arping -i ens18 -c 3

--- statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% unanswered (0 extra)

# arping -i ens18 -c 3
60 bytes from 0c:c4:7a:9b:fc:b4 ( index=0 time=13.750 msec
60 bytes from 0c:c4:7a:9b:fc:b4 ( index=1 time=5.406 msec
60 bytes from 0c:c4:7a:9b:fc:b4 ( index=2 time=12.952 msec

--- statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received,   0% unanswered (0 extra)
rtt min/avg/max/std-dev = 5.406/10.703/13.750/3.759 ms

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@fungnaz fungnaz commented Nov 1, 2019

same problem
Kubernetes v1.16.2 + calico
metallb: v0.8.3.

change loadBalacner IP, service IP was change correctly but cannot connect.

after restart speaker its back to normal.
kubectl rollout restart daemonset speaker -n metallb-system

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@davemuench davemuench commented Nov 25, 2019

I am seeing the same behavior, a quick redeploy of the speakers moves the IP - up till that point it remains responding on the old IP and not the new.

Rancher 2.2.3 / kubernetes 1.15.5 / metallb 0.8.3

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@syska syska commented Dec 30, 2019

Kind a the same issue here ...


change it to


Can't access it anymore ... deleting the service and creating it again resolved the issue.

Running ubuntu-19.10 with microk8s and MetalLB 0.8.3

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@DonAndrey DonAndrey commented Jan 15, 2020

Any solution on this? I've faced the same problem.

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@KnicKnic KnicKnic commented Jan 27, 2020

For those that are hitting this issue, I did build a new speaker based off master with change #520 (fixed it for me, I don't know if there is any incompatibility between sepeaker built off master and controller base off latest release).

docker image name knicknic/metallb-speaker:ip_delete_1

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@admun admun commented Feb 2, 2020

I deployed knicknic/metallb-speaker:ip_delete_1 on my 3 nodes clusters, but still seeing the issue..... endpoints just getting timeout/unreachable.

How do I debug this further?

Sorry, I am not familiar how to debug such problem.

env: rancher 3.3.5, 1.17.2 (RKE) + , canel on bare metal 3x cs-24sc

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@carroarmato0 carroarmato0 commented Mar 11, 2020

Same issue when trying out knicknic/metallb-speaker:ip_delete_1 (I only update the speaking daemon-set)
It actually seems to work. For some reason my arpings don't work how I expected them to work, but when connecting to the new IP address it actually responds.

Layer 2 mode automation moved this from To Do to Done Mar 17, 2020
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