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DigitalOcean Exporter Build Status

Docker Pulls Go Report Card

Prometheus exporter for various metrics about your DigitalOcean droplets, volumes, snapshots & networks and much more, written in Go.


For pre-built binaries please take a look at the releases.

To deploy directly onto digitalocean, click the button below.
Deploy to DO


docker pull metalmatze/digitalocean_exporter:0.6.1
docker run --rm -p 9212:9212 -e DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN=XXX metalmatze/digitalocean_exporter:0.6.1

Example docker-compose.yml with Transmission also running in docker.

    image: metalmatze/digitalocean_exporter:0.6.1
    - '-do.token=XXX'
    restart: always
    - ""


ENV Variable Description
DEBUG If set to true also debug information will be logged, otherwise only info
DIGITALOCEAN_SPACES_ACCESS_KEY_ID Spaces Access Key ID to list buckets
DIGITALOCEAN_SPACES_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET Spaces Access Key Secret to list buckets
HTTP_TIMEOUT Timeout for the godo client, default: 5000ms
WEB_ADDR Address for this exporter to run, default: :9212
WEB_PATH Path for metrics, default: /metrics

You can get an API token at:
Read-only tokens are sufficient.


Name Type Cardinality Help
digitalocean_account_active gauge 1 The status of your account
digitalocean_account_balance gauge 1 Current balance of your most recent billing activity
digitalocean_account_droplet_limit gauge 1 The maximum number of droplet you can use
digitalocean_account_floating_ip_limit gauge 1 The maximum number of floating ips you can use
digitalocean_account_verified gauge 1 1 if your email address was verified
digitalocean_app gauge 5 A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by app id, name, tier, region, and app phase("BUILDING", "DEPLOYING", "ACTIVE", "SUPERSEDED")
digitalocean_balance_generated_at gauge 1 The time at which balances were most recently generated
digitalocean_build_info gauge 1 A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by version, revision, and branch from which the node_exporter was built.
digitalocean_database_status gauge 9 The status of the database, 1 if online, 0 otherwise
digitalocean_database_nodes gauge 9 The number of nodes in a database cluster
digitalocean_domain_record_port gauge 7 The port for SRV records
digitalocean_domain_record_priority gauge 7 The priority for SRV and MX records
digitalocean_domain_record_weight gauge 7 The weight for SRV records
digitalocean_domain_ttl_seconds gauge 1 Seconds that clients can cache queried information before a refresh should be requested
digitalocean_droplet_cpus gauge 4 Droplet's number of CPUs
digitalocean_droplet_disk_bytes gauge 4 Droplet's disk in bytes
digitalocean_droplet_memory_bytes gauge 4 Droplet's memory in bytes
digitalocean_droplet_price_hourly gauge 4 Price of the Droplet billed hourly in dollars
digitalocean_droplet_price_monthly gauge 4 Price of the Droplet billed monthly in dollars
digitalocean_droplet_up gauge 4 If 1 the droplet is up and running, 0 otherwise
digitalocean_floating_ipv4_active gauge 1 If 1 the floating ip used by a droplet, 0 otherwise
digitalocean_incidents gauge 1 Number of active regional incidents associated with digitalocean services
digitalocean_incidents_total gauge 0 Number of active total incidents associated with digitalocean services
digitalocean_key gauge 1 Information about keys in your digitalocean account
digitalocean_loadbalancer_droplets gauge 1 The number of droplets this load balancer is proxying to
digitalocean_loadbalancer_status gauge 1 The status of the load balancer, 1 if active
digitalocean_month_to_date_balance gauge 1 Balance as of the digitalocean_balance_generated_at time
digitalocean_month_to_date_usage gauge 1 Amount used in the current billing period as of the digitalocean_balance_generated_at time
digitalocean_snapshot_min_disk_size_bytes gauge 2 Minimum disk size for a droplet/volume to run this snapshot on in bytes
digitalocean_snapshot_size_bytes gauge 2 Snapshot's size in bytes
digitalocean_spaces_bucket gauge 2 Spaces bucket, will always be 1. Includes name and region labels
digitalocean_spaces_bucket_created gauge 2 Spaces bucket creation timestamp in unix epoch format. Includes name and region labels
digitalocean_start_time gauge 1 Unix timestamp of the start time
digitalocean_volume_size_bytes gauge 11 Volume's size in bytes

Alerts & Recording Rules

As example alerts and recording rules I have copied my .rules file to this repository.
Please check example.rules.yaml.


You obviously should get the code

go get -u

This should already put a binary called digitalocean_exporter into $GOPATH/bin.

Make sure you copy the .env.example to .env and change this one to your preferences.

Now during development I always run:

make install && digitalocean_exporter

Use make install which uses go install in the background to build faster during development.