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Raspberry Pi Urine Monitoring System

Logging and reviewing mice data and videos can be time consuming and tedious. The purpose of this project was to create a device that would constantly log the weight from a Mettler Toledo ML-303 while only capturing 20 seconds prior and 10 seconds after the event. The trigger mechanism was change in scale weight of 5mg from one recording to the next.


 * Raspberry Pi 3

  • Camera Module V2
  • Mettler Toledo Scale with USB communication
  • Mice cage suspended above mettler toledo scale with mesh floor
  • Plastic enclosure surrounding system to prevent air flow from triggering recording event.

Installation for Raspberry Pi or macOS

From link below do the following: Setup Python

Dont install homebrew OR python -- macOS 10.11 already has python in it
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install virtualenv
sudo pip install ipython
sudo pip install pyserial

Linux and Mac OS X

mkdir -p ~/virtualenvs/mettler_toledo_device
virtualenv ~/virtualenvs/mettler_toledo_device
source ~/virtualenvs/mettler_toledo_device/bin/activate
pip install mettler_toledo_device  ## Be sure this installs successfully
Open a new terminal and run the command again
pip install mettler_toledo_device  ## Be sure this installs successfully


To run simply execute the script

$ python


  • Script ends abruptly

    • Problem: Mettler Toledo Scale is in standby mode

    • Solution: Tap the scale to take it out of standby mode

    • Problem: Mettler Toledo Cable is not connected properly

    • Typically error says “No Mettler Toledo Device Found”

    • Solution: Check that the USB cable is securely attached to the raspberry pi and scale

  • Plugging HDMI while raspberry pi is already booted. Note: raspberry pi is not hot pluggable

    • Plugin HDMI monitor
    • Restart Raspberry pi
  • Run script while connected to raspberry pi

    • Open terminal
    • Execute command $ python
  • Distorted video feed

    • If the camera module cable is wrapped too tightly onto itself, the video feel will be distorted due to interference.


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