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Inspiration is a Ruby script creating a portfolio of images from an RSS feed.

More exactly:

  1. It takes a RSS feed
  2. Scraps / screenshots webpages the feed items are pointing at
  3. Resizes images with ImageMagick to thumbnails and normal sizes
  4. Uploads images to Amazon S3
  5. Generates a HTML to show the portfolio


Check out the result:

The input was:

Based on

  1. simple-rss
  2. open-uri
  3. right_aws

How it works?

  1. You don't have to regenerate all images, just the latest items added to your Delicious bookmarks
  2. You can set the size for all versions of images
  3. Already existing screenshots will be skipped
  4. Already uploaded files will be skipped
  5. You can run modularly the script, step by step, or skipping directly to HTML generation

Configuration options


RSS = ''


IMG_DIR = 'images'

IMG_THUMB_SIZE = '400x300'

IMG_THUMB = "_thumb"

IMG_SIZE = '600x'

IMG_FINAL = "_large"


IMG_TIMEOUT = 20 // for waiting for screenshots

Amazon S3

S3_ID = ""

S3_KEY = ""

S3_BUCKET = "bucket-name"

S3_PUBLIC = '' // right_aws doesn't get correctly the public link of the uploaded image

HTML generation

HTML_FILE = "inspiration.html"

HTML_ITEM_PREFIX = '' // lists, divs, etc. ... containers for the image

HTML_ITEM_SUFFIX = '' // Closing tag for PREFIX

HTML_TOGGLE = '' // tags for toggle larger images. See source for example


This example @shopledge is equipped with the following Javascript to load larger images dinamically