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  • 'See more products' clicks are under 1% => pagination/infinite scrolling is obsolete
  • Responsive design is done via Sass
  • Responsive images are done via noscript

Conversion Rate

  • CR halves with every step until the final purchase

    • Amazon like 1-step make purchase is a must:
    • Session stores checkout data and changes Add to cart to Make Purchase
    • Checkout fields are: name, e-mail, address, tel, message
    • Since they gave us the e-mail ask for create account
  • Validate email address in real-time:

  • Offer free shipping as a service for returning customers, or above a limit, like Amazon Prime

  • Psychological motivators:

    • See how many others already purchased this product
  • For offline campaigns: buy with a QR code (adds to cart & goes to checkout)



To care about:

  • HTML5 outliner
  • YSlow (now Grade A, 98 score)
    • The only B is "Add Expires Header" but it is managed by W3 Total cache
    • Gzip is not done due to Apache/php.ini configuration is not always possible on every servers
  • Google Page Speed is 85/100, the last 4 are not ok


  • W3 Total Cache: cache, minify, expires header
  • WP-DBManager: table optimisation, backups
  • eShop
    • hard to activate (show two panels in wp-admin, create new admin user, empty browser cache)