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#Shoreline - A Google Closure Project Template

Google Closure is a suite of tools for creating advanced JavaScript software. Unfortunately, Closure's complexity makes it very difficult to even start a project. That's where Shoreline comes in.


The following commands will install Shoreline and all dependencies.

  1. $ git clone
  2. $ cd shoreline
  3. $ git submodule init
  4. $ git submodule update
  5. $ npm install jake

Built-In Tasks

For a complete list of Jake tasks:

$ jake -T

Shoreline's built-in Jake task include:

$ jake

Builds your project's dependency file. Before testing a project in uncompiled mode, and after modifying the dependency tree in your project, you'll need to use this task.

$ jake compile

Compiles your project's source using aggressive optimizations. The result is a minified, obfuscated, single file created in your project's build directory.

$ jake autospec

On Macs running Safari, this task will automatically detect file changes and re-run the Jasmine test suite.

$ jake clean

Removes dependencies and compiled JavaScript.

Running the Test Suite

Open the file specs/suite.html in any browser.

Running the Demo

Open the file html/index.html in any browser.


Shoreline uses these tools in addition to Closure:

  • Jasmine. The Behavior-driven development testing framework for JavaScript. Installed with commands 3 & 4 under Installation.
  • Node.js Server-side JavaScript environment.
  • Jake. The JavaScript build system based on Node.js. Installed with command 5 under Installation.

JavaScript Style

Shoreline follows the JavaScript Style Guide published by Google.

Synchronizing Closure

Google regularly updates Closure via SVN. To keep current with the latest:

  1. $ cd lib/closure.js
  2. $ git checkout master
  3. $ git pull
  4. $ cd ../..

For information on creating and maintaining dependencies through Git, see Chris Jean's description. For information on setting up your own Git clone from the Closure SVN repository, see Fork and synchronise Google Code Subversion repository into GitHub.



Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Metamolecular, LLC. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT License. See the file 'LICENSE' for details.